Like many of you, I have a "to be read" list a mile long. And I add to it constantly, by buying new books and borrowing titles from my local library. (Shout out to Fort Vancouver Regional Library!)

I don't review every book I read, particularly since I'm looking for two titles to review together. That said, creative ideas for companion titles--similar theme, same author, matching covers, similar names, book vs. movie, location, or any thing else that makes sense--increase the likelihood of a review.

I read and write about Young Adult almost exclusively. Every once in a while, Middle Grade will sneak into the blog, usually as a companion novel to something else. As the blog evolves, I hope to offer author interviews, event summaries, and giveaways. I want it to be fun for all of us.

My reviews are my honest opinions and purposefully subjective. This is my personal book blog and I'm not really recommending books for any particular audience. Likewise, I don't plan to rate or rank the books in any manner, save for the "winner" of Theme Throwdown reviews. The summaries I use are typically from Goodreads and will be linked to the original source.

If you are an author or publisher interested in having The Book Tramp review your book, please send me a message at trampolinepress@gmail.com. I accept ARCs, published books, and ebooks. Your ebook is more likely to be read if I can convert it to something I can read on Kindle. And, again, your book (in any format) is more likely to be reviewed if I can come up with a companion title.

The majority of books reviewed on The Book Tramp are purchased by myself or are borrowed from friends and libraries. Sometimes books are received from authors or publishers, but I do not accept or receive monetary compensation for my reviews.